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I just picked up the NAPA oil filter kit for upcoming maintenance. That kit also has the reddish large o-ring instead of white(and is probably mfgd for NAPA by Wix since the part numbers share the same last four digits).

I reuse the white rings after closely inspecting for any nicks or damage each time.

I haven't measured the red o-ring yet, but if it is the right cord diameter I see no no reason not to use it. The older style oil filters used to use separate red orings at each opening at the cartridge ends before the cartridges started coming with the built in black square rings on the ends. So it is likely the same and proper type of rubber.

While inside the filter cavity, take accurate measurements of the depth to the edge of the metal cannister that the shim sits on and record it. Checking it each filter change buys extra peace of mind by verifying that the cannister hasn't shifted inward which can reduce the crush on that big o-ring and open the possibility of oil pressure loss.

Checking the depth also provides the info needed to determine if one or more shims need to be added, or whether or not the paper gasket (which also controls crush on the white o-ring) should be used or omitted when replacing the cover. There should be several things written about this last both on here and on Snowbum's site.

My ST crushes the ring properly with just the one shim and no gasket. When I bought it and went through it the first time, I found the DPO or his mechanic had installed the o-ring right on the bare lip of the cannister, then the shim on the cover, and the gasket, which isn't needed on this particular motor because of the cannister depth of 3.70mm.
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