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Originally Posted by rmhrc628 View Post
Can someone with more info please advise on the reason for alloy tanks over plastic on the Crf rallye ?

Haven't we used non plastic tanks 30 years ago and learnt they were no good? (steel)

I can't figure out why Honda persist with alloy tanks. Is the reason they are still r and deeing?
I've asked and received zero answers. With the might of HRC, I would suspect plastic tanks or a full plastic subframe could be developed pretty readily. It's not like it's new technology and they even exist for the CRF already. I was also thinking heat dissipation. Perhaps the aluminum is acting as a bit of a heat sink to help combat the extreme temperatures expected in Dakar? Either way, they've changed quite a bit even from Morocco to Peru, but they remain alloy no one seems to want to answer why that is.
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