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Originally Posted by Retired-N-Roamin View Post
Yep. Lowes @ 2.5 miles. Ace Hardware @ 9+ miles. It's cold outside, You want to get done. Which would you choose?

Seriously - I went into a hardware store in small touristy town (minor battle in the Texas Revolution) in south-central Texas. By the time I left I had spent over $75 and it took an hour to look at everything they had. Stop in the small town hardware stores if you're in your cage - you'll need it to tote the stuff you'll buy back home.
I used to visit (and wonder at the stuff therein) my grandma's hardware store in Virginia, MN. The nail section alone was mind were fascinating (battery powered tools had not yet been invented) and the logging saws were amazing. She sold electric motors as well as white gasoline, kerosene and turpentine out of drums.

Also, she carried canning supplies and kitchen utensils, seeds and that was a hardware store.
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