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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
You are right of course, but I ended up using a small trail stand purchased in the vendors section.

It's small and fits in my tail bag along with spoons and pump. I have one for my WRR too. A little fiddly but works well enough on the trail or in my garage to change rubber. I'd prefer a real center stand, though.
I did kinda the same on my last ADV bike, a Wee-Strom with better suspension and tweaked to suit me better. I fabbed up a adjustable extra foot type device for the tyre changing purposes. It does work, and takes up little to no space in the toolbag. I used it when I did Mexico year before last and around here for multi day rides. Now that I have the 690R I stepped my game up and wanted the better parts, so I am paying more for sure, but I feel I am getting more. Nothing wrong either way a rider goes, I support both ways.
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