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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
It costs me about $150 every 20,000 miles. And I can schedule it so I know it's good. And I can choose from a vast array of sprockets to change my drive ratio if I desire. And it's light. And I don't lose any appreciable horsepower through the drive system. And, and, and ...

In theory there are advantages to a shaft drive. That being said, any effort to favorably compare the BMW shaft drive system to a standard chain drive system is, well, laughable. Sorry.

And I'm not even a BMW hater. I love Beemers. I have almost 300K miles on BMWs. Stuff like this drives me nuts though. It's really turned me of the brand.
If you aren't a BMW hater than why haven't you mentioned the fact that a failed chain can destroy the engine?

Guess that part slipped your mind. I haven't heard of a failed u joint breaking an engine case. Have you?

While I'm at it, if a failed ujoint is a a safety issue then why isn't a failed chain? Seems like either one failing at the wrong time could be troublesome.

Oh, and i got 108k out of my driveshaft. I'll take that anyday over a nasty chain drive.

Since experts like mr Moore haven't been helpful except to beat their chest, here's a quick way to check your

Put the bike in neutral on the centerstand.
rotate the wheel, if you hear a clunk or feel play you have bad ujoint. and your driveshaft needs to be rebuilt

You can get it rebuilt for around $300, google Bruno's machine shop in canada.

When you get it back it will have grease access points, If you regularly grease it it will last the life of the bike.

I haven't heard of any chains lasting the life of the bike.
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Originally Posted by Big Steve View Post
I've yet to see a poor person driving a real gas hog......
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