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Checkin' in - last weekend I got the Uly out on the road for the first time since November. Since then I've bought a "fast" Mustang as my daily driver and have been putting saddle time on my DT175 at the local ORV park... I'd forgotten much thrust the Uly makes right from the bottom and how effortless it is to toss around.

So much fun, but don't try to launch it like a DT :)

This photo is sort of a joke I couldn't resist:

Just shy of 48,000 miles now, but most aren't mine; it came with 37,000mi last February. Fixed the fuel pump wiring before Sturgis last summer and it was pretty easy, looks like fuel filters that fit can be had at Autozone; good to know. I think that's the last factory issue on it, the rest will likely be old bike issues. The Sturgis run toasted the battery pretty well, it hasn't been able to hold as deep a charge since that trip. No surprise with how hot it gets under the seat though.

This winter I'm going to take off the header and have the front pipe bunged for a wideband O2 sensor and fix the fueling on a dyno; a PO disabled closed loop learn and tuned it at sea level so it has about a 7000ft ceiling. I know because I completely bogged out and lost all power, blowing soot, while riding over the top of King's Hill Pass in Montana at about 7300ft and woke back up just below the pass. At least I can be pretty confident it isn't running lean!

I'd buy another one but maybe by then the AX will be a thing :)
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