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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
First of all, I don't own a KTM. But I am about as anti ABS as it is possible to get. EVERYBODY else seems to want ABS, and many have refused to buy a bike they otherwise liked because it didn't have ABS. I never understood the appeal of ABS, and would much prefer to control the brakes myself. The reason I posted this is I have got a lot of not so nice comments about my opinions on ABS, and now I see a thread by someone who WANTS to disable it? Can you explain why you would want to disable something that most riders would gladly pay over $1000 for?
Because when the pavement ends and the dirt begins I dont always stop sometimes I speed up, and when a corner comes up it is only then @ 85mph that I realize the FUCKING ABS is still on and im not even Kind of slowing down . Or you stop on a trail shut the bike off to BS for a sec or check a map take off down a hill and remember half way down that the ABS reactivated since you restarted the bike .. Its a Dirt bike I ride it like one and it should work like one
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