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Originally Posted by txwanderer View Post
We have a winner!! One our our well meaning members chastised me for my earlier comment. Read the posts and understand my point. It is the most overused, missunderstood word in the motorcycle vocabulary. It also happens unconciusly and without effort.

If you TRY to do this and aren't a very good rider, you will find yourself on the ground.
Maybe so, but the funny thing about two wheels in one track is how hard it is to fall off with intent to do do so.

Anyone 'trying' deliberate countersteering for the first time will find it an eye-opening but pretty safe experience. Push hard on the right-hand handlebar, as if to turn the front wheel to make a left turn, and the bike will tip to the right before commencing a turn in that direction; this turn is easily countered by, er, countersteering the other way. As stated previously, it can be used any time you want to change direction fast. Which is not the same as saying every turn must be initiated using deliberate countersteering.
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