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Originally Posted by Droptarotter View Post

The rear rack mounts were the first mount I tried.......they did not work because I could not get a good pull on the straps.

I tried almost every combination in the honeycomb of the rack and even bolted the rack loops bolted to the outside of the rack.
No other combination gave me a good pull of the straps, made the bags sit funny, or not as secure.

Keep in mind I wanted to be able to strap my US 30 Combo onto the rack and still have access to the saddle bags without disturbing what was on the rack.

Once I finally found the best rear mount, I then played with the ladder straps and found the #8 loop to be the best for height, security and space for me to move. One loop in either direction does make quite a difference, so I still have room if the amount of luggage allows a changel

Like Traveltoad suggested, I reversed the right bag circumference straps so that if I fell, the straps would not come loose so easily.

One question I had was that the strap mounts to the bags pivot, do I need to tighten them or worry about them coming loose?

I forgot to take photo's of the fork seal covers........they look nice!!

Fair play, fella!

Obviously, the idea behind the Overlander 30 and the Rack Loop is that weight, hassle and investment is kept to an absolute minimum because no additional hardware is required (even to mount a US-30 or more), so any set-up which encompasses a rear rack with require a bit of a workaround. But it looks like you got things nicely sorted, so it's all good.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by the 'pivoting strap mounts to the bag'. If you mean the Rack Loops themselves; they are intended to rotate to enable pack of differing sizes to be mounted inline with - and across - the bike in their purest form (i.e. fixed directly to the fender, as opposed to them being deconstructed and fitted to a rack. But if you can elaborate, or post a pic, I'll be able to give you a definitive answer.

Incidentally, I could also fix you up with a pair of the subframe loops from our US Alloy Hook Straps, which you could attach to one of the lattice struts on the rack itself. Just a thought...


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