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Originally Posted by Loutre View Post
How do you know (with pics :o).?

Hi Loutre,

haha, no big deal just a series of hassles..... not even worth the pics, but long story short. Either I'm becoming a more "aggressive" rider or the Alloys on the F650 got worse, but on the last 4 months, I got some dents on the alloys which until then I regarded as fairly strong.

The last and bigger dent caused vibration at speed (80-100 mph). When the bike was due for service like a month ago, told the dealer to repair the rim, was told to come back a week later, which turned into two weeks because the rim was not "right" when they got it form their supplier. When finally received the bike, it sat on my garage for two or three days no problemo, then took it for a ride apparently all cool so far, later in the week I notice the flat tire, mmm.. must be a nail, nope, its from the rim which now has a small crack (I don`t know if the heat form the rapair caused the metal to weaken or it was just a crappy job) I took the wheel back to the dealer (for warranty), another week goes by, I got it back, hopefully this time the repair will take, I rode the bike for 300 mi on a diversity for surfaces so far so good, the vibration barely noticeable but still not perfect, the color isn't quite the same either, It's barely noticeable,for everyone else, but I notice.

Needless to say I have 0 confidence that the repaired thing will withstand anything more than smooth tarmac or really low speed dirt, which does not cut it for ME. Therefore that's why I want spoke wheels, if I mess anything I can either repair it easier or, change just a part without having to replace the entire wheel, hubs and all.

Which returns me to the topic of this thread, which is the F800 GS with its longer travel suspension and spoke wheels. I know I would manage with the standard suspension and low seat with my 30" inseam, doing the captain morgan and tiptoeing, I could after all ride, a 12 GS with the wider seat I think 84cm seat height, not the greatest experience to handle the thing when stopped, but anyway I could get used to. It's a shame that for Me and what I like to do the 1200 feels too big to have as an ONLY bike, maybe as a second one but I can't own two.... sniff sniff back to topic..

The question, for the sake of technical knowledge (geek) is. Would it be advisable/safe or if it even exists an aftermarket spring for the rear shock, lets say Hyperpro on a bike Equiped with ESA Suspension? I know that on bikes without the ESA is a non issue, on hyper pro site they say something about them having the kit for the '13 F800 GS but don't mention anything about the ESA Gadget.

Thanks for the advise

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