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Originally Posted by Steveo. View Post
I've got a couple of questions for you guys. I've currently got an R25 that I use every day for commuting (worlds greatest backpack!!), a Tank adapter, US20 and a US10. I'm trying to figure out a couple things and was hoping for some help. The bags are great but I often feel like I'm not smart enough to get them mounted, and have a couple of questions.

First, I'm riding a 2011 Monster 796 and don't have much to attach to on the back end. I did manage to get the US20 on the back and when full, it's secure but when it's empty I can't figure out a way to cinch it tight as the straps seem too long, even though the attachment loops are as short as I can make them,and still hook the alloy straps to. Am I missing something or setting them up wrong to not be able to tighten them down when the bag is empty?

Second, I carry all my rain gear (jacket, pants and gloves) in a US10 and normally just stuff it in the R25 when I'm in the city buy would like to be able to strap it to the outside of the R25 once in a while when I need to carry more than I was expecting when I left the house. What's the best way to connect the US10 to the R25? Right now I've got the alloy hooks connected to the bag beside the mini D rings and then clip the US10 on like that. Is that the intended design, or is there a better way? I may actually install the tank adapter that's been sitting in the garage for almost a year and use that instead with the US10 but I've been worried that leaving it on for an entire season will scratch the hell out of my tank.

I'm planning on grabbing two more US10's soon for my trip this summer so I've got a tank bag plus a 10-20-10 combo on the back so I can carry everything I need for a week or so on the road but want to get what I have sorted first. Thanks in advance for the help. ....Steve (Kriega rookie )
Hi mate,

Seems there may have been a bit of confusion with the gear you received. I can't really comment on how or why it happened because your purchases were made outside of my territory. I can, however, say that any fitment related stuff should be a non-issue, so I'll PM you and we'll get this sorted out STAT.

With regard to the general queries you raised:
  • The bags are generally intended to have contents, so when not in use, it's an idea to remove it and stash it under the seat (if that's an option) or in your R25 (assuming you're wearing it). That said, it should still cinch down tight enough, even when empty. If you can post or email me a photo (michael at britkit dot us), I'll be able to diagnose things more accurately.
  • Sounds like you have the US pack attached correctly to your R25. Again, if you can supply a photo, I'll be able to say for sure.
  • The US Tank has soft anti-slip material on the base and fits very snugly, so it won't damage your paintwork in any way.
PM on the way!


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