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Originally Posted by Voltaire View Post
After two days of grueling painting I was allowed back in the shed.... what is it with women and grey this year.....
You just painted concrete blocks grey... don't they come that colour?

Originally Posted by Voltaire View Post
Mr Honda made doing the tappets easy....
take off big plug, then small one, turn engine anti clockwise till you get a T in the small hole.
Tappets should all have slight play ready to check.
Ex: 5 thou
In: 4 thou
Good old screwdriver and locknut tappets...yay...

Found the valve lifter decompressor thingie one tight.....
Drained the oil out of the sump and frame ( yes its an Oil In Frame.....invented by Honda
After that buttoned it all back and tried to start it....much better.
Bravely put on helmet and boots ( not keen on kicking these without boots and pain can ensue)
Tried to throw leg over..... squashed gentleman bits..... ouch..

Originally Posted by Voltaire View Post
Rode it up and down the street , thru the gears...all good....brakes now good...... knobbly tyres on road....not so good...
You're aware you're posting on advrider right? It should be the other way round that's a worry...

Cool project. Keep it up
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