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Originally Posted by Stromtrooper246 View Post
I don't understand. Why do all you DS guys carry rabbits? Wouldn't be easier just to carry a couple of MRE's? I mean you gotta clean and cook the thing?!?!?

All kidding aside, how would you compare the stiffness to a Darien or Roadcrafter?

I have been giving this jacket a serious consideration. I just wish there was a dealer down here that stocked them.
I'd say and this is just my opinion, mind you that the Badlands is stiffer than the Aerostich jackets, overall. The outer material (the Gore-tex shell) is probably the same stiffness, but when you add all the reflective panels, logos, seams, pockets, and zippers to the Badlands, it adds a certain stiffness to the jacket. I think my Badlands has something like nine zippers on the front of the jacket, each with a water-resistant gasket, which are not very flexible. All the pockets reduce flexibility, too. All the logos and reflective panels and double-stitching reduces flexibility. All that "stuff" adds up to a stiff jacket. Does that make sense? Let me know if it doesn't I'm often useless at describing things and I'll try to be more descriptive.

Also, I don't carry MREs because there's always a Starbucks in the next town where I can get a latte and a bagel. The rabbits are so I can check to see if my girlfriend is pregnant.

If you're interested in the Badlands, check out the Revzilla video; it's pretty informative. I believe there are also a couple of videos on Youtube. I found them helpful, and I did a ridiculous amount of research on this jacket.

Also, if you decide to buy one, contact Mike at Tellico Moto in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. He will give you a good price. Trust me.

Let me know if you have any other questions. This is a pricey jacket, I know. I'll be glad to help if I can. I personally made the right choice with the Badlands, but I'd hate if someone spent some serious coin on a jacket and didn't like it and was stuck with it.
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