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Originally Posted by Racer111v View Post
I appreciate the opportunity to express a wider view of "steer right to turn left" without this turning into an inferno.

I agree 100% that a typical street bike will not turn without "counter steering". That does not mean that every motorcycle works that way at every speed.

A trials bike is pretty much the other end of the spectrum from a street bike. I probably only have a couple hundred play hours on a trials bike. Anyone that has ever ridden one knows that you can see the front of the front tire pointing left in a left turn.

I know when I turn off a berm early on a mx track I turn the bars (front tire) left to turn left.
I tried several times to post a response that didn't sound condescending. Each attempt failed. So rather than try to explain the dynamics of how a bike initiates a turn I'll point out that both of your examples describe the front wheel while the bike is turning (after the initiation is complete). Your observations are true for all bikes - trials, MX, street & push - while they are already in the turn. Counter-steering is about moving the COG in order to initiate, end or modify a turn.

Perhaps you could explain how the laws of physics are different for you while on a trials bike or MX'er?

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