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The bike had a dime sized hole in the engine cover. We fixed it.

Charlie and Craig with the aid of J B Weld epoxy sealed up her engine case where it had worn through while sliding down the asphalt. Peter went and got 3 quarts of oil, it took two to top it off and the bike now seems to be running fine. Sue is a real trooper and said like when a horse bucks you off, you get back on.
When I was packing for this trip I nearly left the epoxy ( Quick Steel, not JB weld ) behind. I had been carrying the same
stick of Quick Steel around for ten years and it was looking very sad. The plastic tube that it came in had dried up and cracked, it had bounced around in various cases and tool boxes for thousands of back road miles in Mexico and the western states. I never got a chance to use it. But, I thought, what the hell, it doesn't take much room and who knows,,

When Sue biffed the bike and put a dime sized hole in the case it was my chance. Charlie cleaned the case with alcohol, I think it was his hand sanitizer, about 4 times. He was very careful. I cut about an inch off that old epoxy and started kneading it, I was surprised that it was't hard as a rock. It got molded onto the case and 30 minutes later we put oil into the bike and it never leaked for the remainder of the trip.. It even survived a few parking lot drops later in the trip,, there were scuff marks on the repair. Tough stuff, it still held.


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