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Originally Posted by IrishJohn View Post
.... I currently have (and the reason for going on the course) a Suzuki TU250 and have had no problems going around corners/bends etc -
Try doing a really rapid slalom within your lane, at a speed ABOVE, say, 40 MPH. What moves on the bars do you make?

With a light 2-wheeled vehicle (bicycle, scooter, light dirt bike, etc.) at SLOWER speed, countersteering is not readily apparent.

The heavier the bike and the higher the speed, the more apparent it will be. Indeed on a heavy bike at freeway speeds it would be hard to make a QUICK swerve without countersteering. It doesn't have to be a big move, often it's just some pressure with barely discernible movement.

At freeway speed, try consciously putting pressure on one side of the bars or that other. The effect should be pretty obvious.
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