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Originally Posted by IrishJohn View Post
OK - this might be a really stupid thread/questions to ask. I learned to ride a bycycle at age 8 or so and never had problems swerving or anything. I got a step through Honda 50 at 17 and never had a problem going around bends or swerving etc. I got a Kymco People 50 five years ago and never had a problem etc. Then I went on the 'Riders Edge' course for new motorcyclists a couple of months ago and have been confused as all heck since about Countersteering. I currently have (and the reason for going on the course) a Suzuki TU250 and have had no problems going around corners/bends etc - but I keep seeing posts and threads and things that say things like 'If you don't UNDERSTAND countersteering you will never really be able to swerve in an emergency' and things like that.
I DO understand that you do not 'steer' the bike and that the 'leaning' is not really 'steering' it either - but what confuses the hell out of me is this :
Should I be able to make a CONCIOUS move of the handlebars to the opposite way I want to go or should I just continue as I am - having no problems in the turns etc without fully 'understanding' how I get around them????

Thank you in advance for any answers you may give
I had never heard the term "counter steering" until a few years ago, when I saw an article about it in some motorcycle magazine I came across.

By that time I had been actively riding bicycles and motorcycles for more than four decades, with neither the words of wisdom from any instructor, nor consultation of the erudite writings in any tome. It was just The School of Hard Knocks for me, softened by the odd bog or bramble bush as a kid down on the farm.

I read it, but didn't really get it, then decided that it was just a term some instructor invented to show off his learning..... I went for ride and decided that I had probably been doing it for years.
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