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A message from Techno challenged Susan

In an effort to help them catch up, we back track momentarily a couple days for a note from Susan.

"The Evening Before Day #1 of Scars are Tattoos with Better Stories
Charlie, our techno-electrico-mechanico-planner-organizer-road boss and friend is posting the actual details of our journey. I, Susan, can only offer the thoughts I had while riding through the heart of Mexico.
Husband-Bob and I trailered the K75 and the F800ST to the Pharr border in a 26 hour re-creation of youthful you-drive-I'll sleep car treks. True to that travel tradition we used our last bits of energy to grab dinner from the vending machines at the Motel 4, find the toothbrushes and drop ourselves onto the vintage mattresses. Before drifting off to sleep I had thoughts.
Travel in a group? Why does everyone have a dirt bike? And if they don't like me? What if I embarrass myself? Did I pack enough warm clothes and did I remember the sunscreen? Should an old woman with two artificial hips really be doing this?"
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