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Originally Posted by Aj Mick View Post
I had never heard the term "counter steering" until a few years ago, when I saw an article about it in some motorcycle magazine I came across.

By that time I had been actively riding bicycles and motorcycles for more than four decades, with neither the words of wisdom from any instructor, nor consultation of the erudite writings in any tome. It was just The School of Hard Knocks for me, softened by the odd bog or bramble bush as a kid down on the farm.

I read it, but didn't really get it, then decided that it was just a term some instructor invented to show off his learning..... I went for ride and decided that I had probably been doing it for years.
People can ride for years and never be aware of how counter-steering works. I was riding with a friend on the Angel's Crest decades ago when I kept seeing him riding wide on the corners. He was going wide enough to scare me, over the double yellow and potentially into on comming traffic. He knew how to lean the bike but not how to make it lean more deeply. We had a quick talk about counter steering and his turns tightened up immediately.

Even just keeping a bike upright we have to counter-steer - just to maintain balance. As the bike falls left, we turn left to roll the bike back upright. We've all been doing it so long that we down't even know we're doing it. That being said, it's worth practicing to learn how counter-steering can speed-up our ability to lean the bike more quickly and more deeply when needed.

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