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I use the Ram X Mount and carry my iPhone in an Otterbox defender case. The X mounts securely holds the phone and the otterbox. Being OCD as I am, I added a circle piece of velcro on the back of the case and the center portion (pivot) of the X mount. This gives me the piece of mind that the phone will not fall off easily. I have a J&M adapter that allows me to charge the phone from the bike's battery while traveling. I can see the phone clearly in all but direct sunlight. The Otterbox also gives a bit of relief on the occasional run thru rain shower, especially behind a windshield. I also use the Aerostich Elkskin ropers with the metallic threads so I can operate the phone with gloves.

Disclaimer - I have all this set up on a Honda Goldwing, and this allows me to listen to the iPhone tunes, podcast, etc via the intercom/speakers in my helmet. I can also take or make phone calls with my helmet on as the phone is paired bluetooth with the J&M Adapter. I generally try not to talk on the phone while riding. If I do get a call, I will pull over to the side of the road or a driveway.

I can post some pics if anyone is interested. The J&M adapter that I mentioned is specifically designed to plug-n-play with the Goldwing wiring so it is useless on any other bike. I am sure J&M has other options for different bikes.
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