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Does this make my butt look fat?

Not content to let the farmer have all the fun, I did me some more digging around the barnyard at Rancho Highfive. No retired road signs could be found, but I did discover a thick sheet of black PVC covering up a hole between the barn wall and the chicken coop (to keep the coons & skunks out….pesky critters).

Gave it a washing with the hose, cut a small square out on the table saw. then proudly paraded my treasure into the Highfive Laboratory for Stupid Bike Tricks!

Made a sizing template from a piece of cardboard material (some kind of fancy collapsable ice cooler….must have been Sweet Thang's box…..she won't miss it). Or, will she?

I'm shooting for about 11" wide near the seat tapered down to 9" wide at the tail, with a length approximately 10" more or less. The stock plastic tail rack is pretty snazzy looking, but doesn't really have much useable flat surface area. So, I'm fixing to enlarge the backyard real estate a bit.

And now, I get to use my super duper radius striker to round those corners:

Yes indeed, that there is a real Card Table I'm working over. I feel the need to point this out to the younger inmates that may be puzzled by this strange portable working surface. Card Tables were used all the time by old folks like me (back in the day) to play real games on. Stuff like Crazy 8's, Gin Rummy, Bridge, Backgammon, Checkers, & Yahtzee. Aaahh…the Golden Age of gaming, when every household had a card table. Long before the Machine's arrived on the scene and sucked the creative freedom out of all future generations cleverly enslaving them under the spell of electronic video games. But, I digress...

That was the easy part. Now comes the hard part….which I shall largely skip over, because it was a messy mess of a mess. Apparently, I don't own the proper tools for easily working on 1/2" thick PVC sheeting. But, I do have a nice vise that held the piece very securely.

Way later and a bit rough around the edges……hhhmmm…..ain't half bad.

I like it.

Besides, it will be covered by a bag of various sorts most of the time anyway.

I've still got a big chunk of material left. Maybe I'll just let those chickens out of the pen and see if I can make me a skid plate with this stuff…


p.s. Yeah....more work to go. Still have to notch in some strap holes later.
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