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Answer to your questions...

Hey there... Glad you came to like the GEIGERRIG. I hope you enjoy it, and we'll keep an eye out for you if you ever need any helps or service on your pack. Now... As to your questions:

1. I am looking at getting the rig 500 in citrus colour. Does it get dirty fast and is it easy to clean it and keep it shiny?? Well, my 12 year old, 10 year old, and 6 year old all of this pack. If my boys can dirty something up beyond posiblity, they will. So far we've been able to keep all 3 packs looking pretty squared away...even after 2 years of heavy use. The pack cleans up pretty darn good.

2. Dos the insulated tube keep the water cold in hot summer days, or is it even warmer since it is black, can you put a filter inline with it? The insulated tube will keep the water cold. Also, remember, you don't need to suck hot water out of the tube. It sprays out. So you can spray any warm water out of the tube...anywhere you wish...then start drinking when you get to the cold water. However...the insulated tube keeps things pretty cool.

3. If I order it from will it be sent from US or European distributor? I would like to avoid custom taxes. It will be sent from the US. You can also specify that it be shipped US Postal Service as well if you like. We do have European distributors now though. So if you like, you can reach out to them. Their information is on our "contact us" page on You can also feel free to send me or Curt Geiger an e-mail at: or We'd be happy to communicate any European distributor info.

4. Is the adv promo deal with filter still going? YES. This promo is only available for purchases at Promo code: GRFILTER. Promo code cell is toward the end of the check-out process. Keep an eye out for it during check out.

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