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The Singapore Four

On Christmas Eve I set of for Laos again, I was planning to meet a friend and his 3 riding buddies who were coming up from Singapore to ride in Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos, they had asked me a while back did I think it could be done, my reply was "I'm not sure but it sure would be an Adventure just trying", well they are all here now and the trip is on.

Meet The guys..... a first as far as I Know

Yempaul BMW GS1200

Umar BMW GS1200 Adventurer

Arris Yamaha Tenere 1200

Mahdi Truimph Explorer 1200

Your taking what down the trails!

I'm still on the LIfan.

And 6000k's later she is running well and gave a great account for it's self against the cream of Adventure bikes

The plan was to Join the HCMT west of Thakek near the Mu Gui pass and head south as far as we could in the given time which had been cut short. I'm not going to right the full RR on this one I think that should go to the boys, I will just give you a taster of it and let the boys tell tell you about the suffering involved....

We left on the 26th December and after the easy start we soon got into trouble on the rocky descents.

Beautiful trails

The pain started early.

It was not all pain, we had some fun at the local schools.

Then it got really hard, bikes in the river, sunk boats and a lot of sweat and laughter.

Then it got Dark, we ended up in guest house about 9.30 pm, the jungle is a scary place at night and navigation is even harder.

We rested the next day and did some sight seeing.

The Museum in Dong

Shot up Wat Ban Xepon

Bomb Craters.

And the mother..

Friendly locals.

A great day was had, the next day there was only 2 of us and we would take on a section of trail that is very difficult.

Good morning.

Would make it down this infamous part of the trail?

There is a whole lot more to this story and I cant wait for Umar to getting banging those keys

Thanks for inviting me along guys it was a pleasure...
More here..

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