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So, what can we do better THIS year -- Dakar Coverage?

... we need one of THESE:

ticking away at the top of each page, so that the global entity that is the f5 consciousness are in synch and know what time the stages and rally is keeping... REGARDLESS of where in the worlds many time zones they live or what they are doing... In january there is only ONE time zone... the DAKAR ZONE.

This should many of the numerous, "hey... what time are they starting... I thought they started at 06:00 pacific central... no was that 08:15 standard New York time... hey... what are you doing up at midnight in Mogadishu...? have they started yet?" type of posts.

If f5mods flood or PackMule could give this their attention (or some other helpful mod soul)... I am still on my mod waterwings and don't want to f5Ąck something up!

Team f5ool.
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