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Originally Posted by Liza View Post
I am the aforementioned wife...still lusting...getting a little closer to pulling the trigger.
Everything I've read says that this is NOT a bike for and significant street riding mostly because of the narrow ratio transmission . Which is fine...eyes wide open on that front. I am curious about it otherwise. I'm not super experienced rider, but I'd like to get better. Will I be completely overwhelmed by this bike? Or will I be able to manage it as an advanced beginner? Anybody with seat time on one of these care to share their thoughts?

i will give you my thoughts based on a 2010 te250.

mine is geared COMPLETELY for offroad (12/52), and with that setup, i can attest it is not road worthy at all. on all the short connector roads for Pachaug trails, i feel like I am screaming down the road, when i am probably actually going 40.

but i don't expect this bike to be a daily commuter. it is a fantastic bike for offroad use. i am short (5' 8 1/2"), so opted for the koubalink, which is supposed to make the bike handle not as well. i noticed no difference at all (except that I became much more comfortable with it, and probably will take the link off this spring).

the bike has plenty of low end grunt (i have the jd power tuner - highly recommended). not sure how i feel about recommending it for an advanced beginner or not, although i am leaning that way. it is great for a beginner because it is light and very maneuverable (sp?), but you can also scare yourself with it. i had been away from dirt bikes for over 20 years (used to ride a husky 360CR). then bought a new Kawa klx250. that was a great dual sport, but found i was beating the crap out of it a Pachaug, and also killing myself trying to throw it around, with all its extra wait. bought the te250, and have no regrets at all

you are more than welcome to give it a try if you are ever in southern RI, or at pachaug.
2010 Husqvarna TE250
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