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Originally Posted by Pistolero View Post
Thank you for the replies. I had not planned on sanding my tanks completely to the plastic. I was just going to get the decals off and all and get it good and uniform and go through the proper prepping steps. I'll be honest I use it rather hard so I was going to do the bottom front of the tanks that catches rocks in a hearty coat of rubberized coating and then do the rear of them in a satin black. On top I was just planning on a sand tan color in krylon rattle cans and I think if I get the prep work right it'll turn out wonderful. I used to work at a body shot and pulled dents on cages but I didn't know if I would have to do anything different. Of course I'll clear it but I want a flat finish so I was thinking that two coats on the properly sprayed ultra flat tan camo paint would give me a simi effect. If not on well haha!

I'll probably do a write up on it and if it turns out well ill post what I did

You see I'm a college student and this bike is really the only thing of value I own so I'm going to do it on a budget and see what happens
Ive painted my 950 adv twice. There is no problem with the paint sticking with proper prep. I highly advise not to spray it with a rattle can.Remember gas will get on the surface.
I would recommend using an automotive catalyzed paint. I like basecoat/clear coat systems. My choice is PPG but thats just a brand. Talk with your local automotive paint supplier for a system that works well in your environment and that will stand up not abuse and gasoline.
Prep is everything in a paint job.You will find that if you want to do a great job you will also need a filler primer and sealer and a lot of elbow grease. heres my latest.
When Quality matters,Its all about choices.
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