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Voltmeter is already in the design. Example 1 is on the list already, example 2 is interesting and will be considered.

Originally Posted by tdcarter View Post
New thought on a feature.
- Ability to sense voltage and adjust/trip circuits as user programs.

Two examples:
1) Sense the voltage to tell if bike is running or just key is on. How used? Glad you asked. In case of HID lights. Do not turn them on until the bike has started, saves the ballast from suffering through sags in the voltage during starts. Below 13.6 volts, don't turn on the circuit. But once on, leave on till bike is turned off or user selects off, latching need in case of situation below.

2) Shed a load when voltage drops. How used? Have some circuits, like those on the PWM side used for heated gear, go to a lower level or shut off completely if the voltage drops down while engine is running. Like when you pull up to a stoplight and have to idle. Running voltage starts dipping below 13, start shedding loads. Matbe set the load shed up with priority, allow user to select to turn off heated gear before LED's, or pants before jacket before grips before gloves...

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