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That would definitely compromise the integrity. When you see how these are built, I think you will be pretty confident in it. A lot of testing will be done as well. Its a two board design, the power board will contain a ton of copper for current capacity and thermal mass. The prototypes have 12oz of copper foil but I will build them for production with at least 24oz of copper foil as well as a bus bar and I will wave on piles of molten tin on the bottom as well. The controller board is a standard PCB but I've put a lot of energy into clamping transient voltages so that the semiconductors don't get grenaded. If I'm not confident these things are robust, I'm not going to build them because they are going to cost me just about all I have to build them in enough quantity to make them affordable for you.

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Here is an idea.. not that I don't think you are building it right or with strong enough transistors.. and maybe this will compromise integrity.

How about slots that would allow the owner to insert a fuse that once inserted would jumper from to source to gate on each channel? Last ditch 'stuff happens' emergency repair measure without having to do hardware re-wiring in the field.
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