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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
I'm not going to build them because they are going to cost me just about all I have to build them in enough quantity to make them affordable for you.
I was just more thinkng along the lines of computer glitch, voltage spike, or severe impact takes out the cpu or a transistor just has a case of early mortality. Having some way that could allow the user to bypass the FET's on a particular channel and just feed power full on through. At first I thought of a dip switch, but they wouldn't handle the amperage. So then I thought maybe fuses could be used as an emergency jumper/splice into a recessed slot. And by using a fuse you save your own hide in case that channel died from an overdraw of current.

And as I write this.. I'm thinking that I could always just build myself a bypass kit (short piece of wire with a fuse holder, high amp and a low amp fuse) and carry along. Not that I don't trust you...
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