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The FETs I chose can handle current spikes above 1400A. That is not a typeo, one thousand four hundred amperes. They can each handle 100A constant current and there are 8 and I will limit each to 15A. These power FET's will not be blown up by anything short of armageddon. They have incredible temperature characteristics as well. My main concern is the load switches blowing up due to transients but I've got clamps all around them so I think they will survive. Time will tell.

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I was just more thinkng along the lines of computer glitch, voltage spike, or severe impact takes out the cpu or a transistor just has a case of early mortality. Having some way that could allow the user to bypass the FET's on a particular channel and just feed power full on through. At first I thought of a dip switch, but they wouldn't handle the amperage. So then I thought maybe fuses could be used as an emergency jumper/splice into a recessed slot. And by using a fuse you save your own hide in case that channel died from an overdraw of current.

And as I write this.. I'm thinking that I could always just build myself a bypass kit (short piece of wire with a fuse holder, high amp and a low amp fuse) and carry along. Not that I don't trust you...
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