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Originally Posted by Jay D View Post
I usually dont reply to forum threads but I couldnt resist. If you are going to tell a new rider how to countersteer please know what you are talking about. Countersteering doesnt start until 5-10-15 mph depending on the motorcycle. Up until that point a motorcycle steers the same as a car. Google motorcycle counter steering to read many good explanations. Youtube Police motorcycle training, there is no countersteering while making a 18 foot circle. Just my two cents.
Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
First welcome to the Asylum.

But your first post on is WRONG!!!

Your $0.02 ain't worth diddly squat!

Can you please post the video of this police motorcycle training... Or at the very least watch it again before sitting down to your ample plate of crow.

Here, let me help... How did the bike in said video get leaned over so it could complete the 18' circle?

Answer: Counter-steer

If a bike is moving at 1mph, 5mph, 15mph, 60mph or any fraction there of... Be it a trials bike, Sport Bike, Dual Sport or Cruiser.... To turn the bike some type of counter-Steer is initiated EVERY TIME!!!


Is that clear enough?
As DAKEZ says, countersteering happens at all speeds!
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