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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
are you out of bores? is that why you are nikasiling? don't get me wrong, i like nikasil, but if you're just riding normally, just go to the next size and bore - saves about $150.00....and if you maintain rings/piston occasionally you should not need another bore for a long time..

Bike had original electrofusion lined bore in AL alloy. No iron liner so no overboring w/o fresh nicasil. The old scotchbrite trick works for a few times, and then she won't seal well w/o a nice crosshatch hone job.

also - your gasket is blowing out because either surface is not flat or you've hogged out your transfers too big. a k100 doesn't vibe that much to loosen the head bolts i would think - maybe your motor mounts are loose and it's the problem?

Motor mounts are tight, ports are stock, and the head bolts are not loosening. I guess you could say Kawaskai hogged out the transfers a bit too much since there is not much surface between the transfer port and the outside world. The reason the head needs to be retorqued is that the base gasket compresses. Upon installation and after the first ride and cool down it is still thick. After 600 miles or so the gasket has been squished to around 1/5 or the original installation thickness. Since the cylinder/gasket combination is shorter the head nuts are no longer at the same torque as when installed, and the pre-load on the studs is less even though the nuts never moved.

I forgot to mention my base gaskets were blowing out because i have the transfers at just about as big as they will go, and have very little flat surface for the gasket left. copperkote will probably solve the problem.
I may try the coppercoat on a custom copper gasket. Or I may try some other material.
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