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A few more of zacatecas

This officer is extremely proud of his ST1300. He was standing off to the side when he saw that I was about to take a picture of his bike. He quickly motioned to me to wait, while he strut over to his bike, put on his hat and sunglasses, and got back on it. Then he flashed his "serious" expression! I don't think I could outrun him on my DR, even after I install my new carburetor :)

This is a front tire on a delivery truck in Zacatecas. I wonder what the tire will look like when he decides to replace it? Hopefully he'll replace the 2 missing lug nuts sometime soon. All kidding aside, I have to share the road with this truck!

This colorful character was watching the activities at the Ice Rink. I love to see and to watch interesting people!
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