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It will be setup like a circuit breaker. The user will, via their phone, set the maximum current allowed per circuit (each circuit has it's own current limit). I'll give it a a time characteristic like a fuse so it can over current for a few seconds before shutting down. The plan was to then require the user to reset it via the phone of by cycling the bike power.

There is no reason why this circuit couldn't be a constant current supply as well. I'd have to check the speed at which I can query the ADCs effectively. If I can set it up so that you can have a circuit auto reset indefinitely that will give you a constant current supply. You won't get a circuit breaker in that case though. I am doubtful of the performance of the ADCs to think this is possible. We will just have to see.

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Can you limit the current flow on each FET channel? Can it be user programmable?

In the right appliation... use it as a build basis for LED drivers that limit it... and then I could use that to test how far I can push an LED on overdrive.
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