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Regarding the verticle 'axle' for the clutch, here, or whatever it is that the arm teeth engage with and the arm bolts to, I installed mine ... "wrong" ("?") where the clutch handle wouldn't spring back.

I was really dreading taking the cover off again (already fileld it with good oil, etc.), but after disconneting the clutch cable / arm and foling with the axle a bit, then hooking the arm back up - I now had a fully working clutch handle.

So... is it made to be installed in nearly any rotational placement, but then to engage the splines inside the cover after a rotation or so?

Originally Posted by ER70S-2 View Post

Pic 4 and pic 5 are both on the same spline. In pic 5, I'm rotating the arm forward to show the freeplay of the vertical shaft.
If you have the arm on the correct spline, it swings freely between pic 4 and 5.

Pic 5:

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