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So what's my plan?

I do have a's loose, but it's my plan! First things first, a huge and sincere thank you to all of my friends that offered help in trying to diagnose the problem with my bike. I'd still be clueless without your help....thank you! I will be on a redeye Aeromexico flight this Tuesday, the 8th, returning to Zacatecas, MX. With me will be a new Mukuni TM40 Pumper carburetor, new plugs, fuel filters, a new coil and plug wires, and a new high-output stator & gasket. I'm trusting my CDI, since I was getting spark...and no one I communicated with has either seen or heard of a bad unit that was still putting out spark.

The plugs, fuel filter, and carb will go on first. Please wish me luck...I hope to update my RR late on Wednesday with news of success!
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