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The constant current waveform will just be a PWM waveform. If I were setting this up, I'd use a current limiting resistor to protect the diodes and use the standard PWM signal to dim them. That may be obvious as I always design these things with myself in mind as the first customer. I don't know what a buck puck is but I assure you the only thing you need to run LEDs other than this box is a current limiting resistor setup so that the maximum current allowed through the circuit is <= the max through the LEDs.

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Would be cool if possible, and that would be the preferred method for proper LED dimming, vs pwm. But I'll take a version either way. If the constant current works then we could eliminate the buck pucks/drivers from our LED ligts and save a few percentage points if efficiency. And make building your own lights, or upgrading lights, mucho easier.
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