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Originally Posted by Bob80 View Post
Nice...and good info as well...I assume the woods/freestyle are most likely similar to the bottom most bars in your pic. Are those flats really only 210mm long? (Pic's can be deceiving) 210mm is more then adequate for the controls,250mm would be ideal for the (7/8) single arm mount type guards. Just trying to get a good visual on these bars and mounting points for future handguards.-.. Also, if you go into the Easton site, the Woods and Freestyle are listed separately. Are these a combo of both? and the overall width of the bars seem a lil funky- 775mm and 200mm? Did I read this right?

BTW @ bungie4- Still getting the international error when trying to order. I hope this sale doesn't end too soon
My controls use about 180mm of the bar. That is with the lever moved as far away as possible. My 7/8" bars have 220mm of grip/control area.

200mm is about 8" and 800mm is 31.5"

The bar they are listing is the freestyle bar or called woods high bend according to motosport(800mm wide).

The woods bend is slightly lower and 775mm wide.

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