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We had no issues using the Montana last year and the 276 the year before. Wait, actually, I had a ram ball fail the first year, but I had a spare in my pack. Never saw one break like that.

Last year we used the hard wire cradle for the Montana then mounted it to a ram mount. We used an Oregon as a back-up.

Not surprised by the vibration issues...maybe makes a difference with the frequency of the vibes or something? I think Luke had some issues with vibes with either the Montana or 276 but that was with no ram mount

Maybe having the the ram arm and rubber balls helps to reduce the vibes enough to prevent it from effecting the Montana? Are the people with the vibe problems mounted the unit directly to the bike or handlebars?

I bought another Montana to use in the car this year, just because I want to use it on the bike next year; instead of buying a fixed mounted Lowrance for the car. Smaller screen, but I have a navigator this time
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