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Originally Posted by KZJohn View Post
It's Mexico, how hard can the navigation be? Sorry, I couldn't resist. So is anybody going to try and use only the road book/route sheet, no GPS?
Last year I had a GPS for the first 1/2 the race then it and I got separated and I didn't get it back until several weeks after (long story*). When I did have the GPS between dust on the screen and glare I couln't see it much anyway so pretty much ignored it until I thought I was lost.

There are a lot of cases where the roadbook is MUCH better than GPS. Occasionally there will be a small fork in the road and if you are following the GPS track it isn't obvious if it is left or right until you go down the wrong one for a ways. If you are following along in the roadbook and your ODO is in sync you should clearly know if it is left or right.

My plan again this year if I do the race is to have the GPS but just to use after I realize I am lost.

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* re-the "long story".... if you want to read that story get a copy of this when it goes on sale!

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