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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
have to disagree. he's won back to back lites titles and has shown he can ride the 450's. he's not quite "expected" to win but if he did I don't think it would raise any eyebrows. I think Reed at his age given the injury, to still go fast enough to win would be

Windham? Nice story but it just ain't happening. If he wins that means there was one whole lot of carnage to everyone else on lap 1 that they didn't red flag. Even if he won you wouldn't expect him to start reeling off wins.

If Reed wins, again, to me, holy cow this guy just doesn't quit.
I have Reed down at #2 for the series. He was cruising at Dallas last year and toying with RV-clearly faster. RV broke his knee later in the year too. It wasn't as bad as Reed's, but recovery from an ACL isn't fast (even for these guys).
RV will come out hot and go down sometime before the night is up.
Dungey for the win at A1.
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