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Originally Posted by HaChayalBoded View Post
I wear cheap helmets, something no one would want. I had a helmet for years that had chips and scratches all over it including the shield, which was always up anyway. It was at the point where I didn't even want to wear it anymore, inside was covered in playa dust.

Anyway, for years I would just leave it on the bike, usually hanging off the handlebars. A few weeks back someone took it. Probably just cause it was there, certainly not for themselves or to even sell it.

That really pissed me off, happened right in front of my house.
"According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, motorcycle thefts in nineteen Texas cities decreased 44% in the two years after Texas legislature enacted a mandatory helmet law."

This is because it makes stealing a bike a pain in the ass if you have no helmet. Also I know plenty of people that would like to try riding but have no helmet. Stealing any helmet solves this for them- it doesn't need to be pretty.

Oh and.. a few weeks ago someone puked all over my helmet and it was locked to my bike. That ride home sucked. I refuse to leave my helmet even locked to the bike now.
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