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SJ and Zapote

So no pics of San Jose and I mean zero. Nothing really struck me there. Whim said he actually read somewhere that SJ is famous for its lack of character. I totally believe it. Not meant to be a negative it was just kinda blah. Day and night. I would have left on the 1st but I was moving a little slow and we had all decided to head to Zapote the next night. It is a town or suburb that pretty much blends right into SJ as far geographically. However not when the carnival is going on! New Years was fun b/c of the people I spent it with and we went to a salsa club which was different for me. But in reality most of SJ was dead and I mean dead!!! I asked people how is a city dead on New Years?!?! All I hear is Zapote Zapote Zapote. I ask my taxi driver on the way home if I missed the big New Years Party in SJ. He says "nope everyone is at Zapote" I say "Everyone? Seriously?" He says "yes everyone!!! EVERYONE!!!"

Ok Zapote it is!! I wished I had done a better job taking pics but we had fun. It is like a state fair with crazy bull fighting (no killing the bull) and great carni food!!


The arena.


I have some pretty good go pro video but it is taking a long time to upload. Sam and I were dead set on getting in there with the bull. I kept getting different answers if it was possible or not but all the answers were come back tomorrow. I tried to pay the guy who seemed to be keeping an eye on the people in with the bull but he seemed like he was more interested in doing his job. Shocker. Wish he was a cop Sam and I would have been in there!

We also met a local biker gang. Sam and Keri are not riding right now b/c they have several broken spokes on their Triumph. With the holiday they were in SJ just playing the waiting game. Sam carries a broken spoke in his pocket and goes up to almost every bike he sees to see if the spokes are close. He sees a group of Harley guys in leather vests and sees an opportunity. This starts a lot of great conversation between all of us. We don's always know what is being said but they respect what we are all doing weather it is on a Harley or not!

The bikers and us


They were so pumped on us and took tons of pics. A couple emails were swapped and I hope to hear from them at least to share photos. My go pro photos are not good b/c my lens on the case is toast. Lucky I have a replacement...somewhere!
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