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Originally Posted by ineptizoid View Post
Well seeing as how it's 2013 and all I figured I might as well post up some pics, which I haven't done since 2012! And I thought, hey ya know it'd be cool to dedicate these pics to some of the most notable Chuckleheadzzz of the Chucklehead Thread!

Eloy, yer the Grand Poobah of Chuckleheadzz by a longshot, and I know ya like good rum, so this one's fer you:

Buzz, yer the Official VP of the Chuckleheadzz, and this one's fer you:

ShortDistanceHunter, yer in 3rd place and in yer honor I submit this pic without further comment:

ChickenHelmet, I know this kinda Chuckleheadery is right up yer alley:

Mug, if there's a Chucklehead on board here who thinks this is a good idea it'd hafta be you:

Vic, I know ya quit smokin so this one's for you:

Happy The Sheet, for some reason this makes me think of you:

And this one's for me; yeah there's a Story behind it
And that VW bus is almost as sweet as a Hebmueller.
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Originally Posted by WaterWheel View Post
From what I've heard, riding a DR feels just like riding a KLR except your head doesn't sway left and right constantly scanning the ditches for aluminum cans.
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