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Originally Posted by ConTeacher View Post
An XPC seat modification worth up to $365 (standard build with full suede cover and XPC logo embroidery) donated by Jim Houle, owner of XPCRacing (

Using multiple densities of foam and performance cover materials we are able to create a custom seat that was designed for you - not for the masses. The ideal seat cover choice is Performance Suede, which is a natural suede material. This material allows your seat to breathe and gives you the right feeling and control while either standing or sitting. The seat covers also feature double stitch seams which lay flat against the seat so they do not rub on your legs.


Originally Posted by ConTeacher View Post
After an interesting conversation with author Jack Riepe ( this afternoon, Jack has chosen to donate FOUR copies of his highly acclaimed and recently released new book "Conversations With A Motorcycle"

This semi-autobiographical read is frickin' hilarious, but not for the faint of heart! Here's a sample of his writing:

I was straddling a 1995 BMW K75 fifty feet from where the Atlantic washes into Delaware Bay, in North Cape May. The day faded to gray and it was impossible to see the state of Delaware only 15 miles distant. The dunes, carefully preserved by a community that has its priorities right, are incredibly romantic. Just like my first sexual experience, I was there alone. But there is something about me that some women cannot resist. An elderly lady with a walker approached, fired off a flirtatious smile, and said, “Isn’t that cute. A man of your age riding a motorcycle.”

I respond by forcing a twinkle into my left eye and by smiling back. I am 58-years-old. I imagined what it would be like to watch a giant squid drag this old bitch into the water, wrapped in 50-foot-long tentacles. But there is never a giant squid around when you need one.


damn.....when it rains it pours. bill you are the man...

please pass our appreciation to your contacts. folks participating in this event, please don't forget our sponsors.

the way it looks, each participant has a 33% chance bringing home something with him or her, this month we will be stepping up and solicit raffle prizes from vendors and manufacturers. your odd just keep on getting better.
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