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Originally Posted by Racer111v View Post
Lots of turning with out counter steering......yes I know this is impossible.
Nice vid, looks like a fun ride. But back to technicalities . . . . did you read the article? I know you said that you weren't a physicist but did you read the article? Did it not make sense?

As a trials rider you know better than many about manipulating you and your bike's combined center of gravity. How do you think that center of gravity is moved from one place to another relative to the contact patches, if not through steering ??

I saw a shit ton of steering input in the vid. Why all the steering input when you were making such small turns ? Hint: It's about moving the COG, either closer to the contact patches (to make a slower turn) or to the other side of the contact patches to turn in the other direction. Counter-steering is just manipulating the COG by steering the contact patches relative to the COG. If the COG is to the left of the contact patches and you need it to the right of the contact patches you have to move the contact patches to the left faster than the bike can fall to the left. That's counter-steering. It's not rocket science.

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