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Originally Posted by Humboldt Airhead View Post
Anyone have a good source for wheel bearing shims for a 74 R90/6 front?

Duane Ausherman is still selling them, but no front /6?: How to obtain shims

I can provide shims for either the /2 or /5. The /5 shims fit the /6 & /7 rear and the older R26 and R27 too. Included is a set of 6 and that is enough to do one wheel, in the worst case, and usually two wheels. Print these pages for your instructions. Six shims of various sizes will allow you to shim spacers to within .001," which is more accurate than either the /2 or /5 wedding ring system. The shims are worth about 5 cents each, but the die costs about $900, for each of the two types. A set of six, two of three sizes, of these shims cost $10, postage included. I sell these by the honor system. Email me with your address and I will mail them out to you with a SASE. It is up to you to insert payment and return. If you don't know how to use them, or don't like them, just return them in the SASE. Less book work for me means a cheaper price to you, so please honor this simple system. Thanks.
The kit has six shims, two shims of three sizes from .002" to about .005". This allows adding length to the inside spacer from .002" up to .020", in increments of .001". That is double the accuracy of changing the /5 wedding bands and four times for the /2.
Sometimes the shims are cut from metric sized shim material and sometimes American sized, but you still get a useful variety. You may get shims of 2,3 and 4 and sometimes 2, 3 and 5 thou. It matters none at all, because you will have what is needed to get a great variety.

I changed my email address in late 2006, but forgot to change it here. Many riders have not been able to order shim kits. I apologize and hope that you will try again.
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