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Meanwhile, in Xilitla...

Originally Posted by cwc View Post
We should get there pretty soon. We are almost as slow with the report as we are on the road.

Paul and I planned to take a quick look at Los Pozas, then come back and load up the bikes and be on our way. So we grabbed some fruit for breakfast and worked our way through the school traffic to Los Pozas. We went the back way through town and down a rocky road. I enjoyed the rocky road on the X-Challenge, but Paul had to take it slow on the Versys - which proved to be a problem when we encountered our dog-of-the-day. I was able to goose it and out run the beast, but Paul had to mind the rocks and the mangy cur clamped on his leg. Seeing as we were on our way to clamber about the sculpture garden we were only wearing sneakers and light pants rather than boots and riding gear, so Paul was keenly aware that the dog had chomped him.

We got to Los Pozas before they opened up so we had some time to kill. We visited with some other early arrivals, two guys from Monterey who were nearby working on a crane project and decided to take the tour. We visited with them a bit and we pulled out maps and talked about places to check out and places to stay away from. Then the gates opened and we started touring.

What a place! Paul and I had originally planned to take a quick look, but we ended up spending most of the morning there. We decided to go to plan B - spend another night in Xilitla, take a day trip in the afternoon and be back in time for dinner with the rest of the crew when they made it to town. Off we went south to Tamazunchale and west on 85 then on back to Xilitla.

A quick visit to the interneto and we learned that the group wasn't going to make it that evening, but we passed on a hotel recommendation and made our plans for the next day. Sad fact was that us short-trippers needed to start working our way back north.
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