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Originally Posted by Racer111v View Post
Lots of turning with out counter steering......yes I know this is impossible.
I'll point out some of the more obvious counter-steering events in your video so you can see them for yourself (There are too many to count them all):

@0:09 sec, just as you start rolling you counter-steer to the left to steer towards the dirt track on the right.

@ 0:11 sec, you clearly counter-steer to the right to start your turn to the left @ 0:12 sec

@ 0:21 sec, just as you near the top of the rise you counter-steer to the right to initiate the turn towards the left at the top of the rise

So there's three counter steering events in the first 12 seconds and these are only the obvious ones. In actuality there are many, many more that are too subtle to prove clearly. A video editing app would allow greater accuracy relative to the timing, I just used the YouTube counter to determine these. The times are not very accurate but I could follow those counters and see the events over and over again.

I envy you have the trials bike and a nice spot to ride it.
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