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Almost never a wait to get into Baja, unless you go during the week at rush hour at the end of the day at any of the major crossings. Tecate crossing can have waits up to 4 hours going north, I know I've had to do it, other times you all but drive right up.

The tourist visa can be obtained in Ensenada Who ever told you you can't is just plain wrong, I got mine there in November for the Baja 1000. You just have to go to the Migration office at the Port. BTW, the "Bank" at this office is across the room, not next door or down the street like you commonly find.

You need to be careful about having the Tourist visa as if you get involved in an accident, your insurance may be invalid with out it. In all of my years of traveling in Baja the only place I've ever been asked for it is at the southbound crossing from Baja Norte into Baja Sur and then maybe only 10% of the time. I have NEVER been asked at any of the military check points to produce anything except a driver's license, neither vehicle docs nor tourist visa.
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